5 Essential Elements of Modern Web Design Every Startup Should Consider

The success of startups or any business solely depends upon the front-end part of the website. It creates a huge impact on what you have to offer and how your web design & development will represent in terms of web design, user-friendliness, usability, navigation, etc. In short, website is the online face of your business. Most potential customers will take a look at your website first when they visit your offline store.

Websites that are not well-designed are gradually tending to perform poorly by factors such as high page load time, increase bounce rate and low time spent on the website, etc. Web design, plays the most important role in any business – be it a startup or large enterprise. In the online era, the website is not just about how it looks like and what’s it about, but it’s more about how it performs and how user views and experiences for it. Sometimes, a simple website with well-structured and nicely designed performs well on Google.

If you really want your views or users to convert them into customers, your website must be professional as well as appealing.

The amazing web design you see on the website is the blender of creative planning and meticulous execution. Here, are the 5 essential elements of website design & development every startup should know and consider it.


While developing a website, simplicity should be considered as the top most priority. The website with too many attractive images or functionality will end up with disappointment for any user. This may distract user from the goal of your website. Too many web designing elements for web design in your webpage will increase your page load time. Thus, user will close it soon. So, it’s better to keep your website as simple as possible.


Speed becomes an important factor if user is willing to purchase any product or study your website. Once the user arrives on your website, they always want everything accurate and speedy. So, if your website is taking sometime to load, then user will hit the back button and find another alternative.


As we know image/picture speaks more and louder. It’s worth a thousand words. So, use responsive, relevant, positive and readable (large) images to portray your product. Every image you use that reflects your ethics, standards, and vision of your business. It catches your user’s eyes. Make sure, the images you use, must responsive so as their size should get adjust with the user’s screen size and resolution.


As per the study, visitor likes to stay active and more on the website which navigates them easily. Easy navigation helps users to more throughout your website. It improves the user experience for your website in increasing the ROI of the website. To make your navigation effective, you have to consider making a logical page hierarchy, designing clickable buttons and using bread scrums.


Call to action is that button which helps your user or visitor to take prompt action without moving away from that page. It’s a really essential thing to convert your visitors into the customers and call-to-action button plays a major part for this conversion.


Since most of the population lives on the mobile, mostly traffic on any website is generated through mobile devices. So, now it has become mandatory to make your website mobile friendly. If your website gets cranky while operating through mobile, the user will not put any efforts to open it from the desktop. And by this way, you will lose customers. Mobile friendly is the key factor for any startup or business if they are planning to develop a website. It has become necessary in the web design world.


For any startups growth, website development company plays a crucial and important role in Hong Kong. The above mentioned factors are essentials while designing your website. That is the ticket to gain a competitive edge at the starting phase. If your existing website doesn’t have these factors, then try to incorporate these.

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